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Rust, squeaks, shaking and difficulties with opening and closing are among the most common and easily noticeable signs of trouble when it comes to automatic garage doors. Don’t ignore them. If you do, they will get much worse. Taking the right steps right away will save you a lot of hassle for sure.


The repair work begins with finding the actual cause of the problem. If the door keeps reversing, the problem could be bent track, broken cable or faulty safety sensors. A thorough check and tests help for pinpointing the exact cause. In some cases, the damaged component can be fixed with the right techniques. Just like bent hinges, bent tracks can be straightened. Worn, broken and faulty parts have to be replaced, however. The key to success is the safe removal of the old part and the accurate adjusting of the new one. Of course, the replacement component must be of high quality. (Read More)


When the problem is serious and poses a great safety and security risk, a solution is needed right away. A garage door off track is a good example of an emergency. This typically happens when a cable snaps. The first step of the solution involves replacing the part. If the track is damaged, it will need repair. If it’s broken too, it has to be replaced. Once the door is accurately adjusted, it will work as usual once again. A lost opener remote is also considered an emergency. With a new clicker and proper programming, the garage will be secure once again. (Read More)


When a new door is installed, it requires a new spring as well. While torsion springs are more common in residential overhead doors, some smaller and lighter units use a set of extension ones. If the spring is squeaky, lubricating it will help to eliminate the problem. If it doesn’t counterbalance the door properly, this is a more serious issues. When a torsion spring has too much or too little tension, accurate adjustment will get things back to normal. The only solution for a broken torsion or extension spring is replacement. The ideal new component is made from heavy-duty galvanized steel.

We’re experts in everything related to garage door springs including maintenance, replacements, installations and other fixes. For help with your door problems, contact us today. (Read more about it here!)


The classic chain drive units are very durable. The belt drive ones are the least noisy and the screw drive ones are fast. The installation involves mounting the motor unit, extending the rail and connecting the system to the door. All stationary controls are mounted at least five feet above the floor. When the opener is silent, the issue could be with the wiring, the motor or the circuit board. The solution involves replacing the faulty component. While a bowed rail can be repaired, a broken trolley requires replacement right away. (Read More)
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Whether you have a new door made from vinyl or an old one made from wood, it will need proper care. Inspection and testing the springs and opener will reveal any existing problems. When the door is fixed right away, the risk of extra trouble is eliminated. The purpose of lubrication is to protect all moving metal parts from damage. With repainting, the wood and steel panels are shielded from water and the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. If the bottom seal is damaged or worn, it requires immediate replacement.

If you have problems with your door, springs or opener, count on us for full professional repair. Our company is here to fix any damaged parts and to replace broken ones in emergencies or in scheduled appointments. At “Garage Door Repair in Shelton”, we are also experts in door maintenance and installation. (Read More)

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Don’t let broken hinges, faulty motors and misalignments get you down! We are at your service offering professional gate repairs covering all opener and intercom systems as well. (Read More)