Garage Door Springs

Springs Are Important

A dysfunctional entryway can be a bit of a downer for anyone as it creates added hassle when you’re trying to access your property. You can get back to enjoying your door convenience in no time if the problem is related to your door’s springs. Our team specializes in both adjusting and replacing springs of all kinds. Because of the different techniques required to optimally fix, replace or fit springs of different kinds you’ll find that DIY isn’t the best option for this particular part of a door system.

Different Spring Types

Garage Door SpringsOur team has dealt with a variety of different spring types and the service men sent out to remedy your door issues will be able to identify the type of springs your door has for you. The most common two types of spring are torsion and extension. Torsion springs are usually found in more modern door systems and generally are a single spring mounted at the top of your door. Extension springs are found in older homes and have a spring on either side of the door. We find many people want to switch from extension to torsion springs in order to enjoy the added safety and maintenance benefits of the newer torsion springs.

Dealing with Broken Springs

A broken spring can be a real problem because often it will mean your door is not safe or even able to be used at all until it is fixed. We can adjust springs that have simply come out of alignment as well as completely replacing worn down or damaged springs. As a rule, torsion springs are generally easier to get a fix done for than extension springs as they require working on just one spring instead of two. Our team can explain these challenges to you fully and identify the best solution for your situation before commencing work.

The Best Company for You

We are a friendly and professional team that will help you get back to enjoying the functionality of your entryway in no time.

So if you’re looking for spring repair, replacement, or alignment, then we’re definitely the best choice for you.