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Decorate Your Garage for Valentine’s Day

Garages are rapidly becoming an integral part of many holiday celebrations. Rather than simply a place to park the car or store equipment, many are increasingly turning to their garage during the holidays. Many enjoy cooking and dining out on Valentine's Day, but here's an interesting idea, what i… Continue reading>

garage door cables

Common Garage Cable Problems

Garage door cables are integral parts of your spring system, responsible for counterbalancing and lifting the door. They always come in pairs and are installed on both sides of the door. In case of a torsion spring system, which is becoming increasingly common, these components go over the drum on e… Continue reading>

Planning Garage Door Replacement

Planning A Garage Door Replacement?

Even the highest quality and well looked after residential garage doors have a fixed lifespan. If the unit is well-made and receives good care, it can serve its purpose for as many as 30 years and possibly more. Still, the time for replacement will eventually come. Here is some essential advice to h… Continue reading>

Keeping the Garage Door Safe

Keep Your Garage Door Safe For Use

It’s great to have an automatic garage door. You just push a button and it opens and closes smoothly. However, automation also comes with responsibilities. As the owner, you have to ensure that everyone who uses the door will do so safely. Here is some essential advice to help you with this. Ensu… Continue reading>