When it comes to fixing a motor or replacing a broken spring, count on the professionals of Garage Door Repair in Shelton for the job. We have many years of experience in the industry and work with doors and openers of all brands, makes and designs. Our services include not only repair, but also installation and replacement. If there’s a need for emergency assistance, we will provide it quickly. Our company helps busy homeowners keep their electric door systems in perfect condition with a full maintenance service.

The Perfect Fix for Any Garage Door Problem

If you hear a loud bang coming from the garage, don’t worry – the door hasn’t collapsed, but the spring is broken. Use our emergency service to get a quick solution. We replace extension and torsion springs of all designs and sizes. Our replacement components are strong and durable. We always strive to give our customers the highest possible cycle life. When the door is hard to open or hard to close, turn to us to get professional spring repair fast. With accurate adjustment, the spring will counterbalance the door perfectly for smooth operation.

The good old openers have come a long way. Now you can connect them to the internet and open and close the door with your smartphone even if you are on the other side of the globe. Still, advanced technology doesn’t necessarily mean trouble-free operation. If you hear grinding or no sounds at all or the door reverses constantly, let us help. We replace broken moving gears and faulty safety sensors quickly. Expect to get the ideal motor fix. Our technicians are well familiar with all the latest technologies to deliver outstanding results every time.

professionals of Garage Door Repair in Shelton

Don’t underestimate problems with the hardware or the panels. A twisted roller can easily bend the track, if left unchanged. The rust from the bottom panel can easily spread to the other metal parts. At “Garage Door Repair in Shelton”, we always provide full solutions. When it comes to roller replacement, our technician can install new parts with nylon wheels for quieter operation. Panel repair involves removing the damage, restoring the condition of the affected section and adding protection to avoid trouble in the future.

When you want to replace an existing garage door or opener, you can leave the work to us with confidence that you will get what you want in the shortest possible time. We’ll guide you throughout the shopping process. Our specialists are readily available to answer questions and to explain the different specifications. Our company boasts with short replacement times because of its good organization and vast experience. Even if you have a smaller than the average opening or low ceiling, rely on us to install and adjust the new door and/or opener properly. Our maintenance service works equally well for new and old doors. The technician takes care of everything including part repair and replacement so that you enjoy hassle-free operation.

If you need a professional solution for your automatic garage door, give us a call or send us a message. Learn more about our services from our website.